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7 Stuart Street, Blenheim 7201, Marlborough, New Zealand
    Phone or text (0064) 021 261 0450/ 022 630 3960   
About us

Our lodge has been operating since 2010. Our Lodge is located in Blenheim town centre. We provide a quality hostel and is affordable for seasonal traveling workers.

Our Lodge is well insulated with heat pump at living areas.  Fully furnished, offering 5 bedrooms,  two bathrooms, two toilets, TV & DVD player in livingroom, modern kitchen....

What we offer free? Free Wifi, telephone (local), safe deposit box, washing machine and much more....
We have day rate and special rate for long term stay, rent paying weekly. Rates include most expenses. 
Guests can choose to stay in single room, double room or share room.
We are proud to take good care of our guests and have many guests return and recommend our lodge to fellow workers. We will do our best to accommodate your needs in any way possible. 
  Here we are affordable, nice, clean, quiet, comfortable and convenient accommodation. It is a friendly community, international family home for travellers rest and share experiences about their working holiday with each other.


When you stay with us we povide you with contact details of the best vineyard contractors many of whom pick up and drop off at our hostel. Other guests often provide advice who they think are the best to work for. Staying with us you don't have to work for a particular contractor, you are free to choose the contractor that suits you best. After years providing accommodation to seasonal workers we have found this approach gives our guest the best accommodation and the best jobs, much better than " if you work for me you must live where I say " or " If you live here then you work for this person "
The busiest work season is the "Pruning Season" from about mid May until end of September. The work is prunning (cutting) and stripping, this work is physical and more suited to men. Another part of the work at this time is trimming and wraping, this is lighter work requiring speed and finness, more suited to woman.
The next work season runs from mid November to about mid Febuary. the work is bud rubbing, shoot thinning and wire lifting. This work suits both men and women.
The next work season is "The Vintage" (harvest season from early March to mid May). We do not provide contacts for this work as most vintage jobs are arranged months in advance between wineries and vintage workers from all corners of the world, we do however provide the most comfortable accommodation for vintage workers who often work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. example: a room that would have four people in the prunning season would have only two for the harvest season.     

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